Homeowner's Insurance Inspections

Other-Business on Premises

If the customer is available for the interview and you view some evidence of a possible business operation, you should inquire as to the exposure prior to indicating the business on the inspection. If the customer is not available, consider these questions prior to indicating the business, Is there a sign advertising the business? Do I believe there is customer traffic on the property?

Perhaps the business is really just occasional part time lessons of some sort or maybe even a home office (paper/computer based only). If you are led to believe that there is actually ongoing full time business with customer traffic and/or commercial exposure, you will need to answer "yes" to the Business category on the 1st page of the exterior inspection form and then elaborate within the notes section. If not, then answer "no" to the Business category; in that case you would just detail your findings in the notes section.

Someone working out of the home with little or no customer traffic is an acceptable exposure and should not be listed as "yes". If the customer is not available for the interview, and there is business signage or obvious business operations on the premises, answer "yes" (this triggers an automatic major hazard on the inspection) and we will pursue the exposure in detail through the agency. See additional information regarding Day Cares.

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