Homeowner's Insurance Inspections

Pools-Hot Tubs (In-ground or Above-ground)

In-ground pools/hot tubs without fencing are to be considered unacceptable and marked as major condition whether the property is located in an urban OR a rural area. Fencing must be permanent, it must be at least 4 feet high and the gate must be latched (does NOT need to be locked) to deter access to the swimming area. If there is a broken gate or latch, the in-ground pool/hot tub should be noted as a major condition concern.

Proper Gate Prevents
Access To This Pool
Proper Gate Prevents Access To This Pool

Empty in-ground pools/hot tubs are to be marked as a major condition concern; this is whether they are fenced or not as this poses a trip/fall hazard. Above-ground pools must either be fenced in the manner described above OR secured so that access to the swimming area is deterred (ladders up, latched gate blocking access at top of stairs).

This Is Considered A Trip
This Is Considered A Trip Hazard

An above-ground pool/hot tub is to be considered acceptable (no hazard marked at all) without a fence IF there is a cover present, however, the cover does not need to be locked. There are no minor conditions for this category.
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